Get your Last Winter Survival Game here!!

Thank you for considering to buy Last Winter survival game.

Last Winter is currently at alpha stage. Neverthless we are offering it for sale. Of course, you can wait for the full translated and finished version to come out before buying, but there are many advantages if you go ahead and buy Last Winter now…

Due to its non-linear, historical free-form gameplay, Last Winter Alpha already offers great fun. It is also very stable. You can enjoy playing it now and when the final version is released a few months later, you can have another go and enjoy it further.

When you buy a license, you will obtain a full version of Last Winter Alpha. That license will allow you the current version as well as all updated versions of Last Winter. You will not have to pay anything again.

If you buy now, you will pay only $9 instead of the $15 full price.

You will be supporting Last Winter’s development since we will be using your money to fund development costs.

For carrying out credit card transactions we have partnered with, one of world’s leading Software Commerce providers so that both you and us can be sure that transactions are handled in the most professional way possible. The following link takes you to our product page at share-it site. After placing your online order, the system will show you a receipt page which contains your link to your version of Last Winter. It will also automatically email us so we can let you know when future versions are coming out. Please note that in order to maintain maximum security, share-it does not store credit card information.

Finally, by buying this game, you understand that what you are paying for right now is the the game in it’s current actual stage (alpha). Although patches and updates will be released we do not take any engagements as in when and how many of them will be released. If this can be a concern we encourage you to stick with our free demo. Additionally, an extended download time (24 months) will be offered to you by the distributor which is not necessary since you’re buying a key and the latest upgraded version of the game can always be downloaded at Simply unselect the extended download before checking out if you do not desire that service.


Or, you can get your hands on the special alpha demo here

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