This is the museum. Where the oldies of urb games are stored. Some crazy stuff folks I wont lie to ya… when brutality knew no limits. So put your game face on and prepare for some serious brutality. Also you can find some stuff that we used to share with you in the past. Small gold nuggets of the interweb that we found and preserved with all the love that is known to us.

urb oldies:

Urban Slug 2.2:  A platformer made with the sprites of metal slug. In this little nightmare the bullets fly in real time. There is a wide array of weapons, items and options. There is even a wider aray of enemies , explosions and bad stuff coming at you. If you have to retain one thing out of this, use the down arrow to take cover. Pretty brutal but very nicely done and stable. This was the final version, lot of work in this bad boy.

Gekisen: Card game made with a solid AI that was often accused of cheating (it is not btw) very proud of the out come of this one. Solid AI. Pretty brutal too.

Starwars: Pretty simple name for a pretty simple game. This is a ship game where the player has the chance to fly fighters from the starwars series. The ships hold the official stats has of speed maneuverability and firepower. This was a demo to show case the ship engine to a contractor. This is the old brother of Flagshipped. Not really a complete game but fun non the less.


Dungeon and Dragons boxes: boxes (red, blue and teal) from the basic Dungeon and dragons has nothing to do with urb games but it is a must for anyone calling themselves dis functionally brutal.

About the Author

Urb known outside of the interweb as Ludovic Leblanc, is the founder, project director and basically the grand poobah of urb games. Bringing weird but fun games to the interweb is something he’s wanted to do ever since he was little… and he’s finally getting to chase that rainbow.