Mud and Blood: Recon

Mud and Blood recon is the new title in the mud and blood series. It is being worked on towards an playable alpha since May 2010. In mud and blood recon you will be in charge of a small unit of highly specialized soldiers who operates behind the enemy line in the vietnam war setting. Unlike the previous mud and blood titles, careful planning and inventory management will be needed to be successful. The emphasis of this mud and blood title will be on realism and stealth.

Here’s a collection of the announced features of mud and blood recon in the forums:

– You will be most likely in Laos and Cambodia on the border of north viet nam, looking for the supply trail in there, deep in the enemy lines. Using their own doctrine (hit and run tactics) against them. Gathering intel ect..

– AI allies may pop in your battlefield. Like a joint operation, you can also call in a QRF (quick reaction force) if things get hot, at this time a 1rst cav contingent will be be inserted to take the pressure off your shoulders (that is a perfect scenario of course), you can meet local rebels, downed pilot you have to secure or a plane you have to destroy. It’s all random and on the fly, as long as you monitor your radio you’ll be fine.

– Weapons in the game: tommy, grease gun, m-14, m16, car-15, m60, m79, m1 carbine, FN FAL and M12 shot gun. A weapon pack will probably be avail later on.

– Most of your soldiers will come in as Pvt or Cpl you have one specialization per rank. Each time a soldier rank up he/you get to select another specialization or even keep specializing in the same branch. so after a while you can have a Sgt that is a true expert at finding booby traps, or a king RTO (signaller) or a kickass combat medic.

– Lessons learned from LW the field is limited now. But so far it is 5000 x 5000 pixels it’s a nice playground all pickled with random stuff such as rivers, roads , rice paddies, weapons cache, villages, ruins, statues, wreckage, rat holes, mine fields , booby traps, enemy patrols ect.. If the map will save if the game is ended in mid way is still to be determined.

– You are fighting Viet Congs and most likely the NVAs.

– Airstikes. You need to vector in air assets tho. Most comonly coordinate with them to have them flying over you for a while. Constant aircover is a luxury that few can enjoy especially in an unofficial theater such as laos or Cambodia. You will be able to call for huey’s gunships, hueys transport (they still have m60s better than nothing), most likely cobras, AC-47, f4s and ac-130

– Your squad will be persistant.

– I don’t expect this to be a hit on kong to be honest. This purely a fun project made for fans/hardcore flash gamers.

– With only a mouse over you can have a look at your soldier and 3 major things will be displayed. It is possible to have more detailed window of you soldier but that will come later.

– Wounded move slower, if they carry less they move faster. A soldier that carry less equipment will be more silent as well. note that some gear produce more noise than other.

– You can’t just leave a man behind in recon.. proper extraction has to be called or esle it might deteriorate your career and your squad morale greatly.

– Wounded soldiers will have to stabilized. Moving a soldier that is bleeding profusely might not be good for a long period of time. In some cases, it might be the only option.

– Equipement and by the same time planification will play a crucial role. The thing is, a perfect mission would have all the required items. Having all the required items will slow your guys to crawl, preventing them to catch their breath and more importantnly to create distance when under contact. Each item will have to be carefully planified based on the intel you have on your mission area and your style of play (hit and run, ambush, intel gathering, capture/kill, cache hit, long range patrol).

– Recon is mostly infantry due to the nature of your ops.

– No tp your are entirely accoutable for the loadout of your squad which is at this point already dooming them or saving them depending on intel , mission type (Lurp, Recce, hit and run, capture kill, ) and dudes used.

– Vehicles will be in the game. You will hit what you think is a small patrol but in fact it is the advance party for a brigade full fo t55/btr/bmp2 ? NVA mayuse Mi8.. if you come under contact and they start droping guys with choppers it’s gonna be a bad day. On the other side calling gunships, c130, hueys is comon, you are rangers behind the enemy line and ressources are avail.

– Traps; as metioned before depending on your mission, trap set up is important as well. Mostly claymore. As for long term constructions such as defensive positions, you might find that being mobile is more important, but you can use fortified positions if you encounter some, especially handy if beside your LZ while being chased by 200 NVAs.

– Cam will be selectable. Rule of thumb: The more cam you get the more it gets in your way to act freely when shit hits the fan.

– Since your are controling 4 dudes more control will be given to the player. Stance is one of these. Plus, may i add, in recon yourguys are not draftees, they are good at what they do, you tell them to stealth they stealth good. nothing to do with the NYC cab driver drafted in mnb2.

– Lots of ribbons is the goal, will be added progressively such as in mnb2.

for more details and discutions about recon you can head to the home of all mudandblood

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