Flagshipped World -part 1-

In 2784 the earth as we know it was just a forgotten dream. The second industrial age led by the emancipation of the Far East Economical Consortium turned the western and a good part of Europe into soulless industrial complexes. Great nations that once flourished under the concept of free markets were now trap at their own game and reduced to become sub nations of workers. Silently grinding their lives in installations built to draw the blood out of our once green and blue planet.

The 3rd March of that year, two unkown flaghips of a strange manufacture visibly more advanced than ours, entered the atmosphere and positioned themself near the equator in the pacific ocean. Contact was made with the consorcium. The visitors appeared unhostile and wanted to reach deep in the ocean to recuperate what they left there years ago. After further questioning from the consortium, the visitors revealed with no hesitations that what they were seeking is an egg and that it is of great importance to them. The consortium agreed to help the visitors in recuperating the egg but in exchange the visitors would share their advanced knowledge about space traveling, special ceramic alloys and nagnetism (the science of propagation of electromagnetic field through light).

For many months, the consortium ordered the sub nations versed into deep sea mining to build gigantic sea platform and after few months the egg was located in one of the deepest canyon of the ocean. The consortium while keeping the visitors happy with their unconditional help, exploited the often shocking ineptitude of the visitors at hiding the truth.

Too be continued..

About urb

Urb known outside of the interweb as Ludovic Leblanc, is the founder, project director and basically the grand poobah of urb games. Bringing weird but fun games to the interweb is something he’s wanted to do ever since he was little… and he’s finally getting to chase that rainbow.