Mud and Blood2

Mud and blood started as a small project to entertain few co workers and myself.. all soldiers with an addiction for dark humor pertaining to human fragility and the sad faith often attached to this career choice. To illustrate how stupid, fast and cold combat can be.  How grotesque friendly fire is and mostly how dysfunctional and toxic and fire fight is. We thought it was pretty funny and totally evil. Since I released mud and blood vietnam few years before, I decided to throw it on the interweb and just wait for a  mob of furious casual gamers sporting bubbletank t-shirts to knock on my door.

Strangely enough, the game found its niche and since it’s release in 2008,  mud and blood 2 went viral and now has a scary total of 16 millions plays.  MNB2 is  hosted on 2,967 web sites. Every day, there is 20 000 mud and blood 2 games being played around the world. Despite of it’s reputation of unfairness and brutality mud and blood 2 is a top ranked flash game and was and still is featured on the front page of many major portals including

Now, Mud and Blood 2  as grew into a collaboration between the community and the creator, enjoying the constant input from WW2/ flash games buffs. Hell of a ride.

  • You can play mud and blood here
  • You can view the Mud and Blood 2 encyclopedia here
  • You can access the mud and blood 2 community here

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