Stwalt closed beta numbers

Well the closed beta is going good. And it is time for some numbers crunching.

From all the games of Stwalt being played 20% of them are resulting in a successful quest.
Average session length is 30 min and a play last 4:30 min average.
A player will play in average 5 games per Stwalt session. That’s a bit low for a ‘testers’ rate but I’m confident this rate will go up in open beta.

More stats are to come but I’ll need more testers for that. Onward to the open beta soon.

About urb

Urb known outside of the interweb as Ludovic Leblanc, is the founder, project director and basically the grand poobah of urb games. Bringing weird but fun games to the interweb is something he’s wanted to do ever since he was little… and he’s finally getting to chase that rainbow.