Stwalt to go in closed beta

Stwalt being stable, solid and expansions ready will soon hit the jungle of mochi. But first, before it gets distributed, we will have a in house go at it. Stwalt has it is contain 6 basic classes, 25 items, 22 monsters about 15 spell and infinite replay value.

For those who just joined us,  Stwalt intend to be a fast paced rogue like with a strong old school (Gary Gygax era) DND flavor with a clear tribute to its classics. Stwalt follows the URB pattern with a randomized world full of dangers and treasures.

For now, one quest is active and is a fair challenge to complete (mostly luck based). This will be toned down by adding random events and NPCs helping the player to find the location of the quest item.

So stick around guys, i will post the url of the game fairly soon.

About urb

Urb known outside of the interweb as Ludovic Leblanc, is the founder, project director and basically the grand poobah of urb games. Bringing weird but fun games to the interweb is something he’s wanted to do ever since he was little… and he’s finally getting to chase that rainbow.