No a secret for many but I’m currently coding a fast paced rogue like game  named Stwalt. This is being done since the last week in a marathon of coding and in order to squeeze this bad boy in between Recon and the xmatch patch. The game is set in a funny old school DnD inpired setting and the player can expect to kill classic monsters, save babes and rake phat lewt all in a few minutes. The game interface is minimalistic compare to what you guys are used with urb games usually.

Bang load of items, monsters spells and random events mixed together for ultimate re playability in a package that could be qualified as Last winter on roids. told you guys lot of free time lately, lot of code being crunched.

The game encompass all the DnD cliches, dragons, swords, mages (even classic modules names) and is played in a rich random map. Games are pretty fast paced and can last from 15 to 45 min. The expandability of the game is limitless (truly) so expect a lot of patches with new content.

A beta will be avail to readers shortly.

The game is 80% done and -should- be a holly day release.

Early game board


About urb

Urb known outside of the interweb as Ludovic Leblanc, is the founder, project director and basically the grand poobah of urb games. Bringing weird but fun games to the interweb is something he’s wanted to do ever since he was little… and he’s finally getting to chase that rainbow.