The world of Flagshipped -part2-

As the orb was slowly and carefully extracted from the ocean waters by the sub states, the consortium started to build a space fleet. The task was now possible due to the newly gained knowledge and assistance from the visitors. The new capabilities that were unthinkable few years before were now what would propulse the human race in space for good.

Such a leap forward and especially in such a short period of time has its own challenges. Although capable of traveling through space at incredible speed and the fact that ships were made of advanced alloys, they would be unable to emit short wave radars signals (judged too powerful for the very sensible hyperspace sensor equipment notably) in order to keep track of their immediate surroundings. Everything had to be done old school with the help of basic detection systems and some very keen eyes. Ships would be able to modulate frequencies inside a light spectrum and transmit it across unthinkable distances in matter of seconds but  internal ship communications would be line based through a phone in order to avoid even the slightest interference within the ship’s internals.

For the human race, and the consortium more particularly, it was a bet they were willing to take in order to be able to reach across the solar system and even beyond. As the tenth year of cohabitation with the visitors ended.. the orb was now aboard the biggest flag ship of the two. The human race was mining across the solar system and the sub states were mass producing huge carriers, mother ships and many variation of fighters. The visitors grew a little suspicious when a sizable human force under the banner of the consortium was orbiting around earth and conveniently formed a blockade as they were about to leave with their precious sphere.

Trapped and shocked by this daunting betrayal, the visitors knew that they couldn’t fight the entire consortium fleet even if judged archaic by their standards. Especially with only two heavy flagships. Being out of options and having the preservation of the egg has their priority, the visitors asked the consortium to speak their terms. The surrendering of the egg and the total access to the visitor’s flagships for reverse engineering was demanded by the consortium officials. Surprised by the greed and the arrogance of the consortium, the visitors called for reinforcements and decided to hide inside the oceans..  A place often forgotten by the human race and poorly explored. A place were the human race didnt ventured much even after all those years.

While being besieged and waiting for reinforcement, the visitors made contact with the most powerful sub states. Having already a multitude of spaceships in their yards the visitors had only to convince the sub states to rebel against the almighty central power in order to divide the humans. Technologically helped by the visitors, the sub states rose against the consortium and ferocious battles not seen by the human race since the 20th centuries were fought on the fourth corners of our solar system. Meanwhile the visitors form the bottom of the oceans were watching the human fleet erode itself before the arrival of the retribution party.

to be continued in part 3

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